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    PolyCloud Technologies, LLC

    PolyCloud Technologies, LLC offers a broad range of cloud consulting knowledge and expertise designed to help steer your business in the right direction. Whether it's migrating a small workload into the cloud, or building you a brand new cloud infrastructure, we focus on developing effective strategies and designing high quality, scalable solutions that suit your business.


    Who we are

    PolyCloud Technologies is a Cloud and DevOps focused startup based out of Cleveland, OH. Whether local or remote, we are available to consult with you on all of your Cloud, SRE, and/or DevOps needs.


    What we do

    We have a wide range of experiences at startups all the way to enterprises. We handle anything from on-prem infrastructure to container orchestration; from application development and delivery, to cloud-native architectures and technologies.


    We can help automate your existing manual processes, or guide you in the right direction


    Whether it's physical or virtual, on-prem, colocated, cloud, or even network related; we've got you covered

    App Delivery

    Delivering your application in the most sensible place; quickly and efficiently

    Cloud Solutions

    We specialize primarily in AWS, but deal in all major cloud providers, including private cloud solutions.

    Design and Architecture

    Legacy applications, cloud migrations, or greenfield solutions